November 10, 2018


Dear Visitor:


In late 2010, an idea emerged to assist those in need. This later emerged as donation SPIRIT.  The idea was born out of adversity and founded by Mr. Darel Long.


The idea was to help those in need and donationSPIRIT.org will capture the essence of benevolence.


We embrace free market principles by creating retail store models tailored as a non-profit organization.  This self-funded venture will not be formed with any government grants nor seed funds from any other resources other than the founders own ventures.


Our retail store will thrive in today’s market and provide necessary funds by helping local non-profits with established outreach programs.


Our stock of gently used goods will rival competition by offering more economical pricing and better value.  Our staff will be paid higher wages than similar models.  Our unique approach to social issues and vital assistance will strengthen our community.


Our mission of retail benevolence will compliment those who believe in assisting those in need, caring for the poor, or helping others with vital needs.


Savvy consumers, bargain hunters, and families on tight budgets will benefit from frequent turnover of gently used goods at affordable prices.  DonationSPIRIT.org will become favorite shopping locations for those looking for good buys and a unique store.


Often, the best ideas, which serves to help others, are envisioned during our own challenges and donationSPIRIT is no different in this regard. The idea for this mission began early 2010 and original formation began in 2014. Today, November 10, 2018, a reinstatement was submitted and I expect notice within 10-15 working days.


Our new beginnings will not accept funding from any source other than our own funding plans from West Indies Home Deals  and Darel’s Deals  currently in development will fund this venture.


Our mission will emerge to help those in need during the 1st quarter in 2018. Our website will be updated prior to March 26, 2018. Our mission will be formed as a 501(c)3 founded in the state of Virginia. Our financial data will be posted online as our plans move forward.




Darel Long


  • Address: P.0. Box 10871 Blacksburg, Va. 24062
  • Phone: 5402069257
  • Email: support@donationSPIRIT.org